Growling Kitty

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Tough looking (not really) Leo is very possessive of his little fuzzy crinkle ball.

Petmom Stephanie wrote to us, saying: This is our cute kitten, Leo, being obsessed with his new ball.  We think he may have learned the “growling” from our chihuahua, Tommy.

Leo and his fursibs star in a series of videos and  have their own Tommy and Gracie Facebook page.

0 thoughts on “Growling Kitty”

  1. Ohhhh I am so scared……if I was a crinkly ball that is hehee
    What preciousness this little guy is. Kittens are such funny people.

  2. My Johnny has those crinkle balls. I put them up every night and find them everywhere in the morning. He walks around the house with one in his mouth…soooo cute

  3. That is exactly what my barn cat does when he has a mouse in his clutches. Fortunately, he is merciful as cats go and does his job very quickly…

  4. Oh, that’s funny. I saw a video recently of a cat barking and it sounded exactly like a dog. I don’t where I it saw it, but it was pretty amazing. In fostering, I had growlers like that for no reason, but they didn’t bite and they were not mean. They just growled.

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