Group of Girls Rescue Kitten When Animal Control Cannot

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A group of young women in Hanover, VA rescued a kitten from a storm drain yesterday. Animal Control said the drain was too small, but the girls persisted, with the smallest of the them crawling in to save the kitty.

The kitten was heard screaming by shoppers at the Hanover Square Shopping center on Thursday. When efforts to lure it out with food and a plank to walk up didn’t work, the three young women seen the the video report took matters into their own hands, with the use of equipment provided by Animal Control.

The words” kitten”, “stuck”, “rescue” and “storm drain” come together with great regularity, especially during and just after kitten season. This story on the all too common situation is one more example, also, of people rallying round to help a little creature in need.

One of the young women getting right down in there, with just her legs sticking out of the drain.

The WTVR news segment on the story.

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  1. Good job young ladies. I am so glad that this little kitty will a second chance at life. God bless you young ladies.

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