Ground Breaks on “Gatto Sicuro,” Feral Cat Sanctuary

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Shelter Nova Scotia
Terry Lake of Green Environmental Mulchers clears brush to make way for a feral cat sanctuary at the Nova Scotia SPCA Kings Branch property in Waterville (Photo:

December 21 was a good day for the feral cats of Kings County.  Construction began on a new project for the Nova Scotia SPCA Kings Branch.  Plans are to complete “Gatto Sicuro,” a feral cat sanctuary, in 2016.  The ground is currently being cleared and a “gyro tank,” is being used which will also mulch the vegetation.  This process is considered to be more environmentally friendly.

This new sanctuary will be located on the grounds of the Waterville shelter and provide an enclosed space with feeding station and shelter. The Kings Branch is currently seeking volunteers to not only help build and tend the sanctuary, but raise additional funds.

Gatto Sicuro
Feral cat near Waterville Shelter (Photo:

The SPCA estimates there are thousands of feral cats in Kings County, but does not, as a general rule, take them in due to difficulties in handling, kenneling, and lack of socialization with humans.  This is an amazing way to assist this population in a positive, healthy, and productive manner.  For more information, please visit the The Nova Scotia SPCA.

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