Good Samaritans Help Hitchhiking Cat Who Traveled 1,180 Miles Go Home

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A cat who made a 1,180 mile trip in a moving truck was identified and got a ride home thanks to several people who all went out of their way and did the right thing. Claudia Allen of Meownty Hunters played an important role in the case.

Bandit hitched a ride from Victoria, BC to Winnipeg, MB recently with a truck driver moving a family’s belongings across Canada. When the driver stopped in Regina he discovered the cat in a storage bin and brought him up into the cab for the rest of the trip. The Gundersons, the military family whose belongings were being transported on the drive, gladly cared for the cat until his family could be found. The Gundersons went to the Winnipeg Humane Society for help, and were assisted by Donna Allen who posted notices for the lost cat on Facebook and at Bandit’s family had been looking for him in their Cook Street Village community and, within a few days of the online postings, they were identified as the owners and Bandit was headed home.

The traveling cat was offered a plane ride back to Victoria via airplane with a couple headed that way for their wedding.

Claudia posted at the Meownty Hunters Facebook page on August 3, “Fabulous new everyone!! WE FOUND “BANDIT’s” FAMILY!!! Thank you so much Victorians!! And an extra special thank you to Garrett, who had a hunch that he knew who this kitty was — and he was right!! Bandit’s family had been searching the neighborhood for him for the past week to no avail. They were just stunned to find out he was in Winnipeg. He also has a friend kitty at home who misses him very much.” She then notes that arrangements were being made to get him home. Claudia and Meownty Hunters have been involved in numerous missing cat search cases, including the high-profile George the cat lost at Edmonton Airport case, that had a successful outcome after a long and convoluted search.

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