Good Samaritan Rescues Kitten From Gas Station Trash

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A Good Samaritan rescued a newborn kitten when he heard her cries during a stop at a gas station last weekend. He took her home is is devoting himself to her care. Photos document the rescue.

Safe and sound after the ordeal

I almost didn’t click on the link for a series of photos at reddit titled Just finished pumping some gas when I heard a tiny meow. Ended up finding this in the trash can nearby… thinking I might see something bad.

What a found was a series of photos of a tiny kitten, and a rescue story from a young man with the username LieutanantJesus. The poster stopped at a gas station somewhere in a poor, rural area in the US south  and heard meowing from a locked trash can near the gas pumps.

He looked in and spotted  a tiny newborn kitten down with the trash, then documented the sight with a photo from his phone while waiting for the station attendant to come out to unlock the container housing the trash bin.  Once he had better access, he carefully removed the little kitten, then searched that bin and the others for littermates, but none were found.


The newborn kitten is said to still have had her umbilical cord when found. Her rescuer estimated that she had been dumped overnight or earlier in the morning that day. He said she appeared to be struggling, but had not been too greatly weakened by her ordeal.

Our hero said in conversation to commenters that he had worked at a gas station himself at one point and knew that trash bags are changed fairly often, which would indicate that the kitten had been dumped not long before being found.

He brought the kitten home bathed her, worked to remove the fleas that had already settled in, and entered into a routine with dropper feeding of kitten formula.

There was initially some concern whether kitty had even had a chance to nurse from her Mama, and about the impact on her health if she had not.

The rescuer received advice about feeding, poop issues, and care from those commenting back and forth at his reddit post, as well as from a female friend studying to become a vet tech. The friend is helping out with the kitten, and it appears that either the rescuer or his friend will keep her.

Our hero had this to say while reflecting upon the kitten’s rescue …

“Just thinking about every small decision I made, and how it led me to that particular gas station, at that moment where this blind, deaf little thing decided to mew, is incredible in itself.

And now I’m up at nearly 4am, trying to get her to stop crying. She’s a hungry little thing.”



9 thoughts on “Good Samaritan Rescues Kitten From Gas Station Trash”

  1. If this was at a gas station, then there should be video of whoever did this and maybe they could be caught and charged with cruelty????

  2. TTL for the Animal Angels He sends to rescue another of His creatures from the insensitivity of others. Now He will make the person who tossed this baby in the trash suffer a fate worse than death – the memory of what they did will come back and haunt them. And lest’s not forget “Karma”!

  3. Hi Paula, there was some discussion of that. The rescuer thought that because the kitten was so small it would be unlikely for the camera to be able to differentiate the dumping from someone putting trash in the bin. Further, he felt the local police in that area would not be interested in following up on the case (and that is putting it mildly). ;-(
    I don’t know how far that aspect of the case may have been taken but will update the post if something comes to light.

  4. you are her guardian angel. God bless you many times over for being curious enough to find her and take care of her. Keep us posted.

  5. That was one lucky little kitten. I hope it grow up strong and I know it will be loved. I hope that whoever keeps it will have long and happy and healthy life with it. The man that rescued it will surely be rewarded in knowing that saved a little life. He see it grow up to be a beautiful cat and know that he had everything to do with that.

  6. An angel among men is how I would describe this rescuer. Thank you. I know she’s in good hands.

  7. Well, she mustered up just enough strength to cry for help one more time. I am glad he was a good man and saved the kitten. Not completely surprising though, look how many human babies are found in trash cans. Humans can be so terrible and so kind too. Wonder what happened to the rest of the kittens and the momma?

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