Good Samaritan rescues cat found frozen to the ground

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Kitty gets cuddles as he recovers from his very close call after being found frozen to a road.


A sweet cat got a very lucky break yesterday when a good Samaritan spotted him frozen to the ground at the side of a road after a snowplow went by.

R.J. Poulter was on Route 13 in Old Chatham, New York Thursday afternoon when he noticed a grey mass of fur sticking up through the snow and ice and took the time to investigate. The furry lump turned out to be a cat. R.J. initially thought kitty was dead but he sprang to action when he realized the semi-buried animal was breathing. He literally had to peel the cat off the roadside, where it was stuck frozen to the ice and snow.

Kitty’s rescuer turned him over to his friends at the Little Brook Farm animal rescue and sanctuary, also located in Old Chatham, where the little survivor was warmed by the fire and revived.

The cat is a friendly, young, unneutered, apparently healthy  male with good weight on him. He will get a health-check at the vet’s  on Friday.

Little Brook Farm wrote at Facebook Thursday, saying: “This cat was just found on the side of the road covered in snow and ice. A friend, RJ, noticed it when he slowed down to pull in a driveway. He thought it was dead but when he stopped to check, noticed it was breathing and literally peeled him off the road. He called Summer who met him and brought him home. She sat by the fire to warm him. He’s been shivering violently. He’s now in a crate on a comforter in front of our fire and appears to be alright. He can stand and walked over to me. This is a healthy, young, friendly, unneutered male in good weight. Does anyone recognize him?”

Several people have contacted Little Brook Farm saying the rescued kitty looks like their own missing cat but there has so far been no word on a match. One woman commenting at Facebook was fairly certain the cat was hers, but it turned out he is not.

The photos and video of the kitty show that he was a very lucky boy to have been found in time to bounce back quickly from his ordeal.


Watch the Channel 10 News report on the story:




Photos via Little Brook Farm at Facebook








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  1. Bless you RJ for saving this gorgeous cat….and bless the animal group who is caring for him.It always breaks my heart when weather, storms, tornados etc. hit and all the homeless animals that are out there. I take care of alot of strays….I would never let a cat go hungry or be hurt. I am so glad this one was rescued !!

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