Good Samaritan Helps Mama Move Her Trapped Kittens

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A Good Samaritan opened a hole in a concrete patch to allow a concerned Mama cat move her trapped kittens to safety.

This video was made in Israel, and was originally uploaded with only the Hebrew text on the video itself, and no English language commentary. It was reuploaded with an explanation of the rescue.

A neighbor patched holes in the asphalt with concrete, accidentally trapping a litter of kittens. When the video maker heard little meows and saw Mama hovering nearby looking very concerned and crying nonstop, he grabbed a pole from the trunk of his car and made a hole in the concrete so the kittens could come through.

He lured them out with food, then Mama carried them away. Hopefully, she moved them further away after getting them away from the hole. what we see is the kittens emerging and being moved.

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