Good Samaritan and Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Busy LA Roadway

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A frightened kitten was saved yesterday when it became caught in traffic, lost in the middle of busy Olympic Blvd. at the South end of the Hollywood section of Los Angeles, CA.

Good Samaritan Anthony Ewart stopped his car in an intersection to avoid hitting the kitten, then he motioned the driver next to him to stop, as well. Mr. Ewart found it remarkable that the kitten was able to dodge cars, and compared it to the scene in the movie Bowfinger where one of the Eddie Murphy characters has to run across the freeway.

Anthony Ewart tried to pick the kitten up but it ran under the Jeep he had gotten to stop and climbed up into the vehicle’s undercarriage. At that point, the rescuer called firefighters, who arrived at the scene, crawled under the SUV and brought the kitten to safety.

The video indicates that the firefighter gave the kitten to a girl at the scene, but the written version of the story says the firefighters took the kitten to the firehouse, where it was adopted by one of the crew.

Note: The video is set on autostart, and also plays a loop of news reports after the one with the kitten’s rescue. Sorry, it was set this way by KTLA, which provided it for viewing.

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