Good News as Bindy Improves

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Bindy, out of the hospital in in her foster home yesterday.

A poor little cat who was beaten for being a “bad kitty” after getting pregnant is improving. Bindy has moved from the hospital to her foster home and is now eating by herself.

On May 5 we shared the story of a young cat with a heartbreaking story who was fighting for her life at the vet, in Love, Help and Prayers for Bindy. At that time, the online cat loving community was sending donations, love and prayers for Bindy to survive and to overcome her misfortune.

Bindy, still a kitten at 5 to 6 months old, was beaten by a male member of her household because she was “a bad kitty” for getting pregnant. Bindy is safe from her abuser now. He has disappeared and she is in the care of Michigan Cat Rescue.

Bindy had to have an emergency spay to save her life because she was hemorrhaging. In the process she lost her kittens. She is also missing an eye.  Bindy had to stay on at the vet after her surgery because she was not eating on her own.

Michigan Cat Rescue shared Bindy’s photo and her story at Facebook , where people were deeply affected by the image of the poor little girl who had been so badly treated for something beyond her control.

Many concerned animal lovers contacted Michigan Cat Rescue, wanting updates on Bindy’s condition and pushing for the apprehension and punishment of her abuser, overwhelming the small volunteer organization with more phone calls and emails than they were able to handle while still keeping their focus on helping the cats in their care.

The group appreciates the concern animal lovers have for Bindy’s well-being and their advocacy in wanting justice for her, but they are asking people to wait for updates, which are provided when there is news to share.

After several days where Bindy made slow but steady improvement but was still not eating on her own or ready to leave the hospital, Michigan Cat Rescue made a few updates yesterday and today that showed that she’d made a great jump in her progress.

Here are the updates from Michigan Cat Rescue:

“Bindy update: 5/10/13 11:45am. Bindy is out of the hospital now, back in a foster home. She’s not eating on her own yet but she is off her IV fluids. She is on 2 different meds now and we have to syringe feed her for now. We hope and pray that she starts eating on her own. This is very stressful and a big worry for us.
When she is able to eat on her own and more stable, she needs to see an eye specialist about her bad eye.

“Bindy Update: 5/11/13, Bindy is in her foster home. She is being syringe fed every 4 hours. She’s still not eating on her own,but she’s alert and happy and talking up a storm! lol She was checked from head to toe, there is nothing wrong with her mouth, teeth, etc….so its very puzzling. She remains on antibiotics and is still a little congested. She even refused tuna warmed in the microwave. We wonder, if by chance, she LIKES being syringe fed and would simply prefer eating this way? for the extra attention? lol

“We are a very small group of volunteers and the foster mom is up around the clock trying to take care of her, plus working full time and taking care of other cats in the rescue with special needs right now. We will post an update each morning and will TRY to do a second later in the day as time allows.

“BINDY UPDATE: 5/11/13: 1pm. HAPPY NEWS!




As her foster mom, I tried to syringe feed her again just now and she wanted to lick the paper plate instead.

After posting the updates at Facebook today, the group asked everyone to share the news for the many, many interested parties who donated or sent their best wishes and prayers. ”

Bindy eating on her own today.

Michigan Cat Rescue explained that they are unable to catch the abuser and must direct their time and resources toward Bindy and the other animals in their care, saying:

“Thanks to everyone for your help with Bindy and the other cats in the rescue. We are a very small group of volunteers and we all struggle each day to keep the rescue going. None of us sleep more than 3-4 hours each night and Bindy’s foster mom is up around the clock trying to take care of Bindy. We promise to do as many updates on Bindy as we can. Sadly, people are emailing us and getting upset with us because we aren’t doing hourly updates. Please understand that’s impossible to do because it takes time away from the other cats who desperately need more attention right now because they are sick or need medication, etc. We do the best we can with the small number of volunteers we have.

While we appreciate and understand the outrage that Bindy’s case has brought up, please do not leave messages and expect returned calls. We are a rescue of very few volunteers and by clogging up our message line you are taking away our power to do what we do…take care of the cats. We are of limited manpower, time and resources and we do not have any further information on the abuse. We need to move forward but we also hope that if ANY of you are direct witness to abuse please collect evidence and report it. Bringing animal abusers to justice is a long and arduous battle that requires a lot of time and money and we all know most walk free with a slap on the hand. We urge you all to get involved in passing stronger penalties for such abuse, that is where we must start. Again, we greatly appreciate everyone’s love and support in Bindy’s case and in the welfare of all the cats in our care.”

As we’ve stated before, we have no further information on the abuse. We only know that we are trying to pick up the pieces and trying to save her life. We’ve rescued many cats over the years who have suffered from abuse–cats run over by cars and left for dead, cats with tails cut off laying in dumpsters, cats that have been shot, cats that have been purposely starved to death, etc. Nobody wants the people punished more than we do. We are the ones who take care of Bindy and pet her and are sick at the thought of anyone hurting her. But since we don’t have any further information, we are focusing on getting her to eat on her own so that we can get her to an eye specialist and get her well.”


For future updates, please visit Michigan Cat Rescue at Facebook.

7 thoughts on “Good News as Bindy Improves”

  1. i wonder that no one thought that perhaps she was not eating because she might have been grieving the loss of her kittens. i am very happy she was saved and i very much want the man responsible to pay for what he did. but i do know animals grieve for their babies when they lose them. i have seen a mare grieve when she gave birth to a still born foal. i have seen a dog grieve when she lost her only pup, before it ever had a chance to suckle. i have seen a cat grieve over still born kittens. so it makes sense to me that Bindy was grieving for the loss of her kittens.

  2. I’m so glad she’s improving but don’t understand why the Rescue would be involved in the prosecution of the psycho who beat this cat?!?!?! That’s a police matter.

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