Golden Retriever Mom Adopts Abandoned Kittens

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Missy the Golden Retriever’s maternal instincts kicked in when her owner’s son brought home two abandoned kittens he found on the side of the road in Abbeville, Alabama.

Missy not only nurses, but also shows great concern for her kittens, and she is a devoted Mom. She will get to care for her kitty babies until they are old enough to be adopted.


Here is yesterday’s post from Life with Dogs, with a video showing Missy and her kittens, along with her Mom’s telling of the story.
Mother Dog Adopts Two Kittens


8 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Mom Adopts Abandoned Kittens”

  1. Aww, she really reminds me of Suzie, the golden retriever mix I grew up with. Suzie had 13 litters (this was before we understood about the importance of spay/neuter plus I was a kid so please give me a break) and was a great mother. We then moved to Japan and Suzie got spayed. We returned and my mom started raising Siamese cats, but our mother cat just wasn’t a very good mom… so Suzie then raised several litters of kittens. When mom walked off the kittens could always count on Suzie to be there for them, she was the most maternal dog I have ever met. 🙂

  2. I tried sharing this same link yesterday and FB wouldn’t let me. Said it was “spammy” or “abusive”. ??? Looks like it’s working today though. Good, I’ll try again then.

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