Gizmo the Cat and His Eagle Friends Hanging Out

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Gizmo the Alaskan cat from earlier videos hangs with some friends out on the deck railing.

Just about the same thing every day….the cats love to go outside and then they end up hanging out with eagles that come to hang out, too. I was reading about eagles and it said they like to sit places that they can see a lake or stream and watch to see if there are fish. If you notice we don’t have very many trees here at all so they hang out on houses and porches. I have a lake across the street from my house. Right now the adult eagles are nesting so we don’t see them as much but there are lots of juvenile eagles (under 5 years old) that are hanging out all over town. The juvenile eagles are always very curious about the cats. As you see, the eagles don’t act at all like they would like to eat my cats. The eagles around here have lots of fish to eat and that is their favorite. I live in Unalaska, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. There are two islands next to each other connected by a bridge. The other island is Dutch Harbor and it is the #1 fishing port in the nation so the eagles like to live here and have lots of fish to eat.

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