Gizmo the Beauty Queen

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Gizmo is an older, blind shelter resident who made her beauty pageant debut at a cat show last weekend and placed with the winners.

Gizmo is a permanent resident of National Cat Protection Society at Spring Valley California. When NatCat attended the San Diego Cat Fanciers Association CFA All Breed cat show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds last weekend, taking an adoption booth that came with one free contest admission, Gizmo entered the show. The first time contestant, who appeared alongside pampered beauties, is a 16 year old tabby with cataracts that make here nearly blind.  She is also very personable and sweet. While the show was primarily for cats to compete for best of their breeds, it included a housecat competition, where Gizmo was entered.

NatCat said of their girl’s win, “Our little Gimzo won the cat show judges over today at the cat show! She got put through 4 rounds along side some pretty fancy kitties and ended up with enough ribbons to make any show cat jealous! Gizmo showed us that even an old broken kitty can be a pageant queen! Go Gizmo!!”

Gizmo usually lives at the group’s clinic but spent this past week ensconced out front in the lobby doing meet and greet’s like any other beauty queen.

7 thoughts on “Gizmo the Beauty Queen”

  1. Oh Gizmo I am happy that you are such a winner. I wish that you had found a home but it seems that you are loved where you are.

  2. @Tracey-it does seem that she is obviously loved. Maybe this exposure will bring an adoption. But, also I wonder if it might be best if she stays where she is. She is 16-and I just don’t know what might be best for her. I’m really glad they entered her though!

  3. Donna,
    Did you see my reply at Facebook the other day? You and another woman seemed to think your comments had been deleted from beneath a post. They were still there but you needed to click the “see more” arrow to view them after another comment was posted.

  4. Oh, hi, KAREN. It was you that sent me the message. I e-mailed you about it – and about how much help you were to me about Dexter, Clark Kent, and now about the BAST— that just got sentenced. Please read the e-mail-I would like the judges address.
    Thanks for all your work – all of you. Donna

  5. Hi Donna,
    You can try this:
    Judge Charles A. Chiapparelli
    Borgerding District Court Building
    5800 Wabash Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21215-3330

    That is the address for Maryland’s District Court, District 1, Baltimore City. You’ll have to address your letter Attn: Judge Charles A. Chiapparelli

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