Girl and Kitten Overcome Loss of Limb

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(Image: Facebook)

In many ways, Scarlette  Tipton and her kitten complete each other. Both are amputees growing up together and living lives made whole by hope and lots of love. Some of you may remember Scarlette’s parents, Matthew and Simone Tipton of Tabuca Canyon California. The couple made national news on ABC last Christmas when they adopted a rescue kitty who had lost one of her legs to a fan belt.

(Image: Riverside Animal Services)

The Tiptons were intrigued when they saw a local news report about the kitten named Holly, who was recovering from surgery at the San Jancito Valley Animal Campus. She had been found bleeding on the roadside by two passersby, according to Riverside Animal Control Services. Holly, who has since been renamed Doc McStuffins, had to have her right front leg amputated, but survived.

(Image: Smiles for Scarlette/Facebook)

When the Tiptons heard about the three-legged kitten, they decided she would make the perfect companion for their daughter, who was born with a rare form of cancer that required live-saving surgery to remove one arm. The Tiptons adopted the kitten at Christmas and brought her home.

(Image: Smiles for Scarlette/Facebook)

Since then, they have been documenting their journey of healing and recovery and posting updates on their Facebook page. Scarlette is cancer free and enjoying life. You can check in on the Tiptons and Doc as the two little girls grow up together by visiting their Facebook page.

(Image: Smiles for Scarlette/Facebook)
(Image: Facebook)




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