“Ghost Kitten” hitches ride with Good Samaritan

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An Arizona motorist who stopped to help a kitten he saw walking along a highway was baffled when the kitten disappeared. That is, until he and his family found her hiding above the tailpipe of his car hours later.

Dan Foley stopped to help when he saw the kitten in the carpool lane on the 51 highway in Phoenix Sunday morning.

“I stopped to try to grab the kitten, and the cars are going around my car, and she bolted around the car,” said Dan.

The kitten vanished from view and Dan gave up looking for her, then finished the drive back home to Chandler, arriving an hour later.

When Dan told the story to his family, the kitten became known as Ghost Cat for the way she just disappeared, like an animal in an urban myth tale.

“We called her ghost cat,” said Dan, who added that his kids teased that the kitten must have been a figment of his imagination.

The ghost cat re-materialised hours later, though, when the family got set to go out for some Super Bowl hot wings.

“I got in the car and heard a meow,” said the Foleys’ 14-year-old daughter, Amanda.

The kitten was found hiding in a tiny space above the tailpipe, and the family was able to free her and bring her inside their home.

“We named her “Chance” because it’s a miracle. I’m surprised she survived. It gets hot in there, very hot,” said Amanda.

While the kitten was initially “freaked ouy,” it didn’t take long for her to relax and calm down.

“She calmed down pretty quickly. We gave her some food, water and love, and she seems to be doing pretty well.”

“Oh, she’s good! Loves to be held, just a good cat,” Amanda added.

The Foleys hope to find an adopter to give Chance a good home.

Watch the ArizonaFamily/Channel 3 report on the story:


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