Georgia Cats Need Fosters

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Animal lover Oker Geel has been reaching out at Facebook trying to line up the final link in a chain of caring and love to get a group out cats out from behind bars and into homes. Every detail is in place for a rescue operation, except for foster homes.

Oker writes:

“Peeps, I need your help!
“For quite some time we’ve been working on the cats at Barrow (Winder-GA).  We’ve got a rescue that will pull these cats if we find fosters from either GA, NC or SC that can be homechecked and approved.
“No need for pledges, money or other things. Only fosters!

“Yes, I hear you think “how great is that?!”
“It is, but we do not seem to find any fosters… 🙁
“It seems like we’re sharing in circles… With this great offer from the rescue, we should be able to clean that shelter out completely. for Christmas.. What would be greater, right?! But nothing seems to happen.
“So please, if anybody has any ideas on how find these fosters, or to share in a more targeted fashion, let me know asap! Comment here, befriend me, pm me, but let me know please!! ♥ Help us help these cats get a home for Christmas please!! “
Contact Melissa Craig or Oker Geel or if you can foster or help find fosters.
The cats are at Barrow County Animal Control , in Widener, Georgia, about an hour’s drive north of Atlanta. The cats have been networked by Saving Barrow County Animal Control Pets an independent community page at Facebook, posting photos and information to save the dogs and cats in Barrow Animal Control.
The rescue that has agreed to pull the cats is Snap-2 it, of Atlanta, GA.
Foster homes, if they are found,  will allow these cats to leave the shelter alive and to live a normal life in a safe place until they are adopted. Oker and others trying to help feel it would be a shame if all the arrangements fell down due to a lack of temporary caregivers. Those coordinating the rescue hope to find fosters in Georgia, North Carolina or South Carolina.
We’ve included photos of some of the cats here. To see them all, please see the photo set in the link Current Cats/Kittens below. The photos are on Facebook at Saving Barrow County Animal Control Pets
Thank you to anyone who can foster or share.

The shelter requires that all animals must be spoken for and paperwork submitted by Tuesdays at 4:30 pm to ensure their safety. Wednesdays are PTS day there. Dogs and cats that have been there the longest are most at risk.



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