Future looks bright for 10 kittens found dumped in box

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Photos via Bradford Compassion Club at Facebook


Ten kittens found dumped in a cardboard box in a parking lot in New Haven, Connecticut nearly two weeks ago were rescued and are looking forward to much better lives.

The ten kittens were found abandoned in a cardboard box in a Lowe’s parking lot Thursday morning, April 30. The kittens, about 6 weeks old when found, were left near a clothing donation bin in the parking lot of a Lowe’s store near route I-91.

A worker at the store found the box early in the morning and notified a police officer who called animal control. The kittens had no food and their box was filthy and full of feces.

The kittens were taken to a vet, where they were deemed healthy, other than being a little thin.

The kittens went into the care of the Branford Compassion Club, a small rescue group dedicated to the welfare of the area’s cats.

The 10 kittens were in residence at the group’s shelter to meet the public on the Saturday after they were found. Afterwards, they were placed into foster care, where they will remain until they are spayed and neutered and old enough to be adopted.

Just days after their rescue, all of the kittens had been reserved for adoption. They will go to their new homes when they are ready.

Branford Compassion Club has shared photos and updates on the kittens at Facebook, and will continue to do so. For more on the kittens, please visit the page.

The rescue has been accepting donations to help with the kittens’ care.

The person who dumped the kittens could face charges of abandonment or cruelty. Police are investigating, and anyone with information is asked to call New Haven Police or Animal Control.

A short video of the kittens in a crate after they were rescued:












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