Furball Fables: Cat A Pole Fun

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The Furball Fables kitties’ servants brought back a supertoy from a cat show in Santa Monica. Here is the gang in action with it.

The toy is called Catapole, and the servants wrote the following review of it:

Its a mouse, its a bird, its random motion at its best! The Furball boys think this is the best cat toy ever!! It measures about 9 feet. You can play with it in a small space or a large space. We found it moved differently depending on where you hold it on the handle.

Each of the cats responded to it in their own way. Merlin liked to hide and pounce on it. Yogi played catch and fetch with it. Buddha chased it, jumped and killed it! Elfin, who is so shy was so curious by this toy. It brought him out of his shell (the white siamese with the big blue eyes) he played with the other cats and became very outgoing! (AMAZING!) Sometimes all 4 boys would take turns like a game. Fairy Princess, who is not in the video preferred just to watch.

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