Funyun the Cat is the Wheel Deal

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What has two wheels, whiskers, and a zany zest for life?  Funyun, the mischievous mascot at The Animal Clinic of Eagle Harbor in Carrollton, VA!   He may have had a rough start in life, but his future is looking bright, thanks to huge hearts and helping hands of the clinic staff.

When Funyun was just a tiny two-month-old kitten, a toddler stepped on him, crushing his back legs. Instead of bringing the injured cat to a veterinary clinic for care, the owner opted to confine him to a garage for eight months. Finally, last November, the owner agreed to turn Funyun over to Eagle Harbor.

Due to his inability to use his back legs, Funyun might have been an overlooked cat, one that was written off and euthanized. But the clinic staff wouldn’t give up on him and moved forward, looking for a set of wheels to mobilize this spirited orange kitty.

The Funyun Fund was established and by January, his new wheels arrived. Through Eddie’s Wheel’s, the staff outfitted Funyun with a pet wheelchair that supported his back legs and allowed his to move around easily. And “move around” is an understatement! The little furry speed demon has been zipping around the clinic at top speed since the moment he received his wheels! This sneaky feline gets into anything and everything and races off before staff has an opportunity to catch him! His joyful and playful demeanor has been a welcome addition to the clinic.

On weekends, Funyun goes home with staff members and enjoys family time, but he is available for adoption and would love a forever home of his own.

Funyun’s shining spirit, despite his painful past, is nothing short of miraculous…and an inspiration for all of us.

Although the wheels have been purchased, The Funyun Fund is still accepting donations toward procedures performed on rescue animals — contact the clinic to contribute to the fund.

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  1. How could anyone leave a paralyzed cat in a garage. There needed to be animal cruelty charges against that family. Thank God he was rescued and given vet care and another chance at life. He is really having a great time. Some people are so cruel and stupid. Thanks to everyone who his helping this kitty and making him so happy and loved.

  2. No charges against the people who did this. I’m glad the kitty is being cared for but why aren’t the people being fined at least?

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