Funny Cat Videos Can Actually Make You More Productive

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Image source: T.Ohashi via Flickr
Image source: T.Ohashi via Flickr

That’s right, and no, you didn’t read that title wrong – according to a new study, watching funny videos can make workers more productive. The Journal of Business and Psychology recently published a paper by David Cheng and Lu Wang of the University of New South Wales. Cheng and Weng conducted a study on 124 students, and the results indicate that watching a funny video may make people to be more persistent.

During the study, the students were divided into two groups. Both groups were tasked with crossing out all of the letter “e” in two written pages. One group watched a video of Mr. Bean while performing the task, and the other group was shown a video of dolphins. After completing the task, each group was then presented with a computerized task which had been designed so that it was impossible to complete. The students who had watched the Mr. Bean video showed greater persistence in trying to complete the task than students in the other group.

So what does this mean? Those funny cat videos that you love to watch may pay off in more ways than one. Humor can provide a much-needed break from boring tasks, revitalizing you and allowing you to return to the task with new energy and greater persistence. Humor also helps to break up boring tasks, which we find unpleasant, leading to an improved emotional state.

Now before you go binge on funny cat videos, remember that this theory is intended to be used in moderation. If you’re dreading a boring task, give yourself a limit – you will watch two funny cat videos, and then get to work. Once the work is completed, then you can binge on funny cat videos to your heart’s content.

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