From the Rugged Wilderness to a Loving Home

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Happy BearYou would never guess by looking at the appropriately named large, long-haired beauty, but Bear spent a few years fending for himself amongst coyotes, foxes and all sorts of other creatures that are found in the rugged mountains of Colorado. Bear was also the first cat that Happy Cats Haven took in when a group of friends first opened their no-kill haven for homeless cats and kittens in the Colorado Springs area.

Bear first showed up at a barn where a kind neighbor named Toni was helping the elderly owners by feeding their own cats. It did not take long to befriend Bear, though Toni proceeded cautiously at first because of Bear’s size.

After arriving there, Bear spent three years at the barn, sharing it with a grizzled tomcat and a small female. He had grown used to dodging the coyotes and foxes who also live in the area, as well as surviving the freezing weather. During those three years, Toni did what she could for Bear. Eventually, though, Bear needed to find a more suitable place for a friendly cat like him.

So Bear was brought to Happy Cats Haven at their opening and they were happy to have him as their first intake. It was fairly obvious to everyone there that he must have had a few rough patches surviving in the wilderness as he had some scars to show for it, such a notch in his ear. They also assumed that he must be part Maine Coon with his beautiful coat and large size.

Bear ended up being their second adoption, as a wonderful couple, June and Steve, took him home to be their only pet. He now enjoys tons of attention from not only his forever mom and dad but also their visiting children and grandchildren.

June had a cat for 21 years and said that she never thought she could love another cat like that. But Bear won her heart from the moment he got into her lap at Happy Cats.Bear at Home

June and Steve live in the Colorado foothills and sometimes, when the coyotes begin singing at night or if there are foxes playing in the yard, Bear gets very still, his ears go flat and he tries to hide under the stairs. He remembers his days fending for his life among the wildlife! But June tells him not worry and reassures him. He has found his safe spot for life!


Happy Cats Haven began when several friends came together in support of homeless cats in the Colorado Springs area. They were motivated to create a new kind of space for them as shelters are difficult for any companion animal, especially cats. They work very hard to bring out the personality of every cat or kitten that they rescue, helping them to “sell” themselves.

Their multi-cat colonies provide the most natural and humane environment possible. They also use clicker play and play therapy to help the cats regain their confidence so that they are more likely to reach out to potential adopters.

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  1. I cannot thank all of the wonderful people at Happy Cats Haven enough for taking in Bear. There are just no words to describe my gratitude to them for getting him a safe, loving, forever home. If you can, please donate so that they can continue rescuing cats like Bear!

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