From Dumpster to Forever Home

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McCoy learns trust from loving volunteers
McCoy learns trust with volunteers

McCoy, a grey tabby kitten, was first spotted by volunteers with Cat Angels Pet Adoptions in Cary, NC, running across the parking lot of a popular Mexican Restaurant. They shadowed him to a dumpster behind the building. He was curious about these people but kept his distance.  Though scared, he was interested and clearly not feral.

An open can of cat food lured him into a cat carrier, and then he was on his way to a better life!  He was taken to Cat Angels’ no-kill adoption facility in Cary and set up in a quarantine cage.

All feline intakes are quarantined until they are fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered.  It took him a week or so before he would let anyone pet him but once he realized he liked it, he was eager for attention and purred loudly.   The volunteers named him McCoy after the Star Trek character because when it came to getting petted, he was “Giving her all she’s got, captain!”

Little McCoy became more comfortable and friendly in his quarantine cage as the volunteers lavished love and attention on him and nicknamed him the Little Tortilla because of his Mexican restaurant origins.  Finally after a few weeks he was neutered, fully vaccinated, verified healthy, and ready for his next step: a community cat room!

The formerly shy kitten would sit and purr loudly near anyone who came in to the room, demanding to be petted.  It was a major turnaround brought about by the love and affection of the Cat Angels’ volunteers who taught him to trust people.

With a sweet and newly outgoing personality like that, it wasn’t long before McCoy charmed his way into a forever home!  He was quickly adopted and went to his forever home to live with two other cat brothers.  It didn’t take long for him to send back a report to the Cat Angels who saved him, as relayed by his new human mom Emily Counts of Raleigh:

McCoy loves life in new forever home
McCoy loves life in new forever home

“When I first got to my new home, I was a little nervous. But the same night, I was loving all over my new mom and dad. The next day I spent time in my own room and played with a ton of new toys. That was so much fun, but the next day I was crying and banging on the door. I wanted to come out and meet my new brothers! Mom and dad let us see each other through the door. There was a little hissing, but I didn’t really mind at all! The next day mom and dad let me explore the whole apartment and I found some really cool new toys out there like a scratching post and a tunnel! My new brothers didn’t know what to think of me, so they mostly just watched me play by myself. Ever since that day, we have been playing together a ton! We chase each other, watch birds together out the window, and play with our toys together.

Thank you so much for rescuing me and making sure I found a forever home. I love it here!”


Cat Angels Pet Adoptions’ no-kill adoption facility is located at 959 N. Harrison Ave, Cary, NC 27513. Their goal is to help homeless, abandoned and abused cats and kittens find safe, loving, permanent homes.

The adoptable cats at Cat Angels Pet Adoptions live in open landscape community cat rooms, with furniture, toys, cubbies, and up to 10 other cat friends to play with.  This is where adopters come to find their cat friends.

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