Friends Forever: Ralphee and Max

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Animals, like people, can have physical and mental challenges, and since there is no common verbal language between the species, communication and, often, understanding, can be difficult even in the best of circumstances.  Enter Ralphee and Max.  Ralphee suffers from feline cerebellar hypoplasia, “CH” for short, a neurological disorder where the front part of the brain, the cerebellum, responsible for controlling coordination and fine motor skills is underdeveloped at birth.  This often results in these cats being called to as “wobbly cats,” referring to their walking akin to a drunken sailor.

A CH cat without other known health issues can have a life expectancy aligned with that of a cat without the disorder.  The condition is non-progressive, so it will never get worse, and their are owners of these special cats that have noticed them becoming more capable over time.

Ralphee was a rescue and upon coming to his new home found an instant friend in Max, the Cattle Dog.  Max seems ever the protector of his little charge and Ralphee gets very excited, according to her owners, whenever he is near.  The two share a special bond and regardless of any perceived challenges it doesn’t matter to either of them.   Even today, they continue to be the best of friends.

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