Friendly Cat Dumped in Field Gets Help and a Second Chance

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Felix saved himself when he broke out of the sealed carrier he was in when he was dumped in a field.  Then he got help from a farmer and the local animal shelter.

On Friday, October 3, a farmer living near the Coventry, Nuneaton and District Branch of the RSPCA in Coventry, UK came to the shelter to report that a cat had been dumped on his property, just inside a field reportedly located less than half a mile from the rehoming centre.

The RSPCA officers who went out to the property in response to the report found the cat, who is being called Felix, “petrified” with fright and clinging to a fence.

Coventry rehoming centre manager Glenn Mayoll is quoted in the Coventry Telegraph saying : “When we spotted the poor boy we were cautious we may spook him, however he was desperate for human contact and reassurance.

“The moment I was able to get near to him he clung to me for dear life straight away, responding to the fuss and attention.

“This is obviously a lovely, friendly cat who craves human company, which makes it all the more heartbreaking the way in which he was dumped with the chance he may never have been found.

“It appears he thankfully broke out of the makeshift carriers he had been placed in.”

Coventry, Nuneaton and District Branch told the story at Facebook yesterday, saying:

“On Friday the 3rd just gone a local farmer arrived at the centre to report a cat had been dumped in his gateway just half a mile from the centre.

“The Manager and Deputy Manager got in the car straight away and went down to the field, on arrival they found some make shift carriers which could of housed one or multiple cats in. They searched and luckily found a very scared friendly boy sat on the fence near by meowing.

“On further searching no other cats were found but that does not mean there was not more.

“He has now been named Felix and is settling well at the centre. He has not been neutered and unfortunately is suffering from a condition called Entropia which is where the eyelids grow back on themselves and the eye lashes irritate the eye. This is very uncomfortable and if left untreated the animals can lose their eyes. Felix will be undergoing an operation tomorrow which will correct this but it is not cheap.”

Felix had his operation earlier today and is recovering from the surgery. His caregivers posted photos and gave this short update: “Felix the cat who was dumped in the farmer’s field last Friday has had his eye operation and is currently in recovery. He unfortunately has to wear a buster collar to stop him rubbing at his eyes so will coming out for some much needed exercise and love later on today in our offices.”

Felix has been described as sweet and friendly by everyone who has met him since his rescue, and shelter staff feel he will have no trouble finding a home when he is ready.

The callous act that left Felix fighting for his life and terrified has given him new opportunities for happiness and allowed him to get help for the extremely uncomfortable condition with his eyelids which might have led to a worsening state. Thankfully, he saved himself so that others could help him on his way.


Felix recovering from surgery to correct his inward-turned eyelids


The scene where Felix was dumped and left to be found or die



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