Freeway finds the perfect home

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Photo via AHS at Facebook


A cat who made news after video of his rescue from a busy roadway last month was shared online has recovered from his injuries and has been adopted by the good Samaritan who rescued him.

As we shared in our post of April 14, Good Samaritan rescues scared cat from busy freeway, good Samaritan Richard Christianson rescued an injured and desperately scared and upset cat from a Tucson, AZ freeway  and told the story when posting a video of the rescue online.

On April 9, Richard saved the 2 year old kitty, now named Freeway, from a narrow median strip on I-17 in Tucson where the distraught feline was desperately clawing at a chain link fence.

Richard stepped in after calls to the highway department did not bring help in a timely fashion. One commenter at the Arizona Humane Society’s Facebook page suggested that the cat had been crying for help for hours before the rescue.

Richard told the kitty, as heard on the rescue video, ” I know, baby. I know you’re scared, dehydrated, I know. Can I help you?” as he approached him to make the rescue, and Freeway continued to meow, asking for help. Richard wrapped kitty in a tee shirt and carried him to his car.

Richard took Freeway to the Arizona Humane Society‘s Sunnyslope Campus in Phoenix, where the cat had surgery on his jaw and his paws. Based on burns on his front legs, AHS conjectured that Freeway may have been stuck in a car engine before ending up on the busy road. Following surgery, Freeway was sent to recover from his traumatic experience in foster care, and AHS said he’d be up for adoption when he was ready.

Due to considerable interest, the shelter started a list of those offering to adopt Freeway. It wasn’t difficult to chose an adopter, though, after his rescuer, Richard Christianson, said he would like to give the cat he saved a good and loving home.

The Arizona Humane Society shared photos and wrote at Facebook on May 14, saying: “Happy Adoption Day, Freeway! New Dad and Rescuer, Richard, met our Feline Behaviorist, Veterinarian and Foster Mom before heading home with his new furry family member!”

Despite the kindness of his caregivers and a month spent in foster care, Freeway still suffers residual trauma from his ordeal and his petdad is working with him to help him get past it.

Richard Christianson wrote at Facebook yesterday: “Been up ALL night with this guy. He’s been having nightmares and shaking and crying in his sleep I’ve got him relaxed now I’m ready to crash out too goodnite.”

Everyone agrees that Freeway has found the perfect home in which to start his new and better life.



Photo via AHS at Facebook


Photo via AHS at Facebook




Freeway, bloodied and crying for help while stuck on the median of a busy highway as his rescuer approached.

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  1. Great ending to this story. Freeway will settle in and he has a wonderful caring human to ensure he lives a safe and quiet life.

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