Four Senior Chihuahuas Adopt a Kitten

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MoMo, Choli, Paloma, and Benito all have a pretty easy life. They’re all senior Chihuahuas, none of them have teeth, and they spend most of their time lounging around the house and napping. But when a kitten was introduced to the mix, it meant a bit of change for this Chihuahua gang.


Julie Docherty, owner of the four Chihuahuas, volunteers with the Love Thy Neighbor Foundation in Los Angeles. She works with the homeless and with people in need, and one day a woman approached her carrying a tiny kitten. Docherty learned that the woman had found the kitten and wanted to make sure it went to a good home. So, Docherty volunteered to take home the kitten.


Docherty took the kitten to a vet and learned that it was just two weeks old. The kitten needed to be bottle fed every few days at such a young age, but Docherty was willing to ensure that the kitten got the care it needed. She named the kitten Rosita, but was hesitant about how well Rosita would get along with the Chihuahuas.


As it turns out, the Chihuahuas accepted the young kitten pretty easily. They were interested in her for about five minutes, after which Rosita was pretty well accepted into the group. The Chihuahuas seem to like it most when she naps with them, though they all eat together. Sometimes Rosita’s energy is a little much for the dogs, but she tires quickly and goes back to napping.


While Docherty is still monitoring the situation to make sure that Rosita and the dogs continue to get along, this lucky kitten just may have found her forever home.

All images: Jemandthemisfits via Instagram

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