Foster of the Week: “Lucky Cat,” Looking for Love

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If you are in the Elmsford, New York, area  or know someone who is and able to foster, perhaps Maneki Neko and his story from Paws Crossed Animal Rescue will touch your heart. Here is what they had to share about this adorable cat.

Found all alone, in pain, filthy and unable to move his back legs

This sweet, approximately 4-month old boy was brought to Paws Crossed Animal Rescue this week.   They immediately took him to one of their wonderful vets, Petchester Veterinary, who did x-rays and a battery of tests. While they do not know exactly what happened to cause this weakness in his hind end or if he will every fully recover, they do know that he does have some feeling and can apply slight pressure on his legs. All other functions seem to be in working order. The vet’s recommendation is a month of rest and healing, with monitoring and reevaluation.

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“We have named him Maneki Neko because of the adorable way he will put his front paw up for attention.  Maneki Neko in Japanese means ‘beckoning cat’ and is a figurine that is often believed to bring ‘good luck’ to its owner”, said Donna Troiani, Rescue Manager of Paws Crossed.  “It is also sometimes called the ‘Chinese Lucky Cat’ ”.

 A white Maneki Neko, specifically, signifies happiness, purity and positive things to come!    

“We are looking for someone who could foster this sweeter than sweet little boy for the next month … to give him a calm environment with extra time to monitor his progress.  He loves attention and will melt your heart with his non-stop purring and head-butts”, said Jennifer Angelucci, President/CEO of Paws Crossed.  “If you would like to foster, please contact me at #914-372-7878 or [email protected]”.


CAN YOU HELP? If you are unable to foster, would you please consider a donation to help with all the medical bills this little one has and will incur.   You will definitely consider yourself the LUCKY ONE by helping this strong soul on his road to health and positive things to come!   THANK YOU !!!  Donations can be made for Maneki Neko’s Medical Fund at:

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