Foster Kittens’ Big Day

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A video takes us along as litter of 6 kittens born to a feral mother spend their first day in foster care moving into a big crate and getting comfy in their new digs. The bravest kitten makes his presence known, too.

Petdad, fosterer, accomplished video creator and all around good guy, Doug Brown aka DrNworb writes:
We hope you enjoy this look back at our rescued foster kittens’ first 24 hours with us. May 28th 2012 was a very big day for us all, the kittens’ first time away from their mother (a very wild feral cat) and the first time we have ever looked after 6 kittens.
The pregnant mother was rescued by VOKRA (the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Assoc.) and the kittens were taken away from her at 6 weeks so they could be habituated to people in preperation for finding good forever homes.
At the time of the release of this video the kittens have been with us 1 week, are all healthy and happy and as sweet and beautiful as can be.
Please visit VOKRA’s website and help out them, or help your local animal rescue group or no-kill shelter, and make a positive difference in an abandoned animals life today. Thanks!

(For more with the kittens at play, see Kitten Fight.)

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