Flint: Affectionate Cat Recovers from Burns and Abuse

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Lafayette Animal Aid, an animal rescue adoption center and sanctuary for dogs and cats in the Acadiana area of Louisiana, located in Carencro, is caring for a burned and otherwise abused cat named Flint who has been recovering from his injuries for about a week.

The extent of Flint’s injuries might have led to his being euthanized, but his strong spirit and affectionate nature inspired his caregivers to do their best to help him heal and recover. Flint has severe burns on his feet and lower legs,  but his head and much of his torso appear to have escaped the effects of the fire.

His abusers burned Flint in a fire, according to cat care technician Maura Ferguson, who added: “He’s a very loving cat so he was probably looking for affection.”

“His hair is still singed. His whiskers are gone—they’ve been burned off,” said Ferguson. “And just seeing that happen to him is so awful because he’s such a wonderful cat.”

Lafayette Animal Aid Development Director Heidi Paterson said “He’s had one surgery and may require more and then there’s the daily care of treating his wounds.”

Ms. Paterson said the number of tortured animals her organization sees far outweighs the number of animal cruelty charges and prosecutions, and told KLFY News10 it is unclear who abused Flint.  She asks the public to report  animal abuse and abusers to law enforcement.

Lafayette Animal Aid wrote about Flint at Facebook on Monday, asking their supporters for help. The Facebook post goes into detail about Flint’s abuse, and it’s rather difficult to read. Considering what he’s been through, though, Flint seems to be doing well not only in his physical recovery but in leaving the memory of his abuse behind. The cat we see in the KLFY News video is friendly, loving and purring, and responds to a kind voice and gentle touch.

The post from Lafayette Animal Aid at Facebook reads:

“Flint Found His Way To Us After Being Tortured – Please help us with his medical / surgical care!

“This beautiful male tabby cat has found a special place in our hearts at Lafayette Animal Aid. We have named him Flint. Flint was severely tortured. He was burned on his legs, feet and chest. His before pictures are too graphic for us to show. The veterinarian who is treating Flint says that he was also possibly shot and had piercings to both ears that had been ripped out. Flint required immediate surgery for the removal of infected skin and treatment of burns. Flint will now require on-going medical care. Lafayette Animal Aid is reaching out to our community to ask for financial help for Flint’s surgery and medical care. He is a beautiful little soul that is well worth saving. After all that has happened to Flint, he holds no grudges, is extremely sweet and will be available for adoption following a full recovery.

Lafayette Animal Aid has a dedicated fund for Donations for Flint’s Medical Surgical Care. There is a button at the donations page to share at Facebook.

KLFY News 10

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