Five-Year Celebrates His Birthday With Gifts For Shelters

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Dalton-Shaw 1
Dalton Shaw shows off birthday loot (Photo: Stephanie Shaw)

Even at the age of five, some children are far wiser, genuine, and giving than many adults.  Dalton Shaw is one such young man with a heart of gold and a love for animals.

Dalton’s birthday falls closely behind Christmas.  He got lots of great presents, too, like a Star Wars pajamas and a Minecraft Lego set.  So when Dalton’s mom suggested that maybe he should think about giving back, he was right on board with the idea and knew exactly what he wanted to do.  Instead of getting presents for himself, he would ask the guests coming to his party  to bring supplies for a local shelter where cats and dogs are awaiting adoption and finding their forever homes.  His parents, Stephanie and Marcus, had expected only a few small bags of goodies would be the result of his request.

Dalton Shaw Family
Dalton with parents, Stephanie and Marcus (Photo: Stephanie Shaw)

Dalton knows all about adoption.  Their family has adopted four rescue animals, two cats and two dogs.  Dalton, himself, is adopted and in a mixed-race family which has recently brought up some of its own issues.  Stephanie said in an interview that KWQC TV6, that Dalton has always had a big heart when it comes to animals and that perhaps the real-life action of giving back will encourage others to do the same kind of thing and be a way to bridge gaps between perceived differences.

When it came time for the party, to his delight, Dalton received massive amounts of food for the animals, including some dog food bags that challenged him in size.  Guests also gave him birthday money in the amount of $225, which he decided was to be split among three shelters in the area, Heartland Pet Welfare, Carroll County Humane Society, and Jo Daviess County Humane Society. An even greater surprise was when arriving at the bowling alley where the party was held, as word had gotten out about what this young man was doing to celebrate his birthday, they found it packed with pet supplies.  Dalton was beyond excited.

dalton-with-dogs 2 socks left molly right
Dalton with his rescue dogs, Socks, on left, and Molly (Photo: Stephanie Shaw)

The big heart of this little boy should be an example to all of us.  While not everyone is able to bring home a rescued pet, there are many ways to help either by donation of money, goods, and services, and volunteering time.  Perhaps a birthday party is in order and, following Dalton’s, the gifts are for your local shelter or rescue organization.  Now that would be something to celebrate.





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