Firemen save cat with head stuck in outdoor toilet

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A cat got his head stuck in an outdoor toilet and had to spend a night in subzero temperatures before being rescued by firefighters.

The longhaired black cat was discovered in a public toilet in Simferopol, on the Crimean peninsula, by a resident taking out her trash.

Rescuers called to the scene had to lift kitty by the tail and use a pole and hammer to dislodge him. They chipped away at the ceramic and then delicately broke off a section, enabling them to free the cat.

Nina Kharitonova, 45, said: “I was woken up at night by the sound of a cat meowing but I just assumed it was having a fight or something.

“The next morning I went out to empty some rubbish and I could still hear it so I followed the noise into the toilet and saw this poor animal with its bottom in the air and its head down the loo.

“He was shivering with cold. I am surprised he didn’t freeze to death during the night as it had been so cold.”

One of the rescuers, Alexey Petrenko, 53, said they had to be careful not to break the cat’s neck, and told about the rescue, saying: “We gently chipped away at the surrounding area and I held him up by his tail while my friend freed him.

“It took about two minutes and he was so cold he could barely stand so I took him home, gave him some milk and put the fire on to warm him up.

“After two hours he seemed happy enough and back to normal and I let him go.”

The rescue was captured on video:










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