Firefighters Revive Kitten After House Fire

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Fresno, CA firefighters revived a kitten at the scene of a house fire on Saturday, using a pet oxygen mask.

Firefighters gently tended to a little kitten following a fire at its home early Saturday evening. The fire was started by food left unattended on the stove. Family members got out but the kitten was trapped inside until firefighters brought it out and administered oxygen while carefully cooling it down with a little bit of bottled water. The kitten was taken to the SPCA, where it was checked out in anticipation of being  returned to the family.

2 thoughts on “Firefighters Revive Kitten After House Fire”

  1. that little kitty looks hardly old enough to be weaned. couldnt “family” grab him before they ran out

  2. That is a very tiny kitten. Seems barely old enough to be adopted out as a pet. Hopefully the baby will be ok.

    Great job by the firefighters!

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