Firefighters resuscitate unconscious cats at house fire

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Two cats found unconscious in their smoke-filled home were resuscitated and brought back by firefighters on Monday.

Clackamas Fire District #1, in Clackamas County, Washington, posted the photo above to Twitter Monday, saying : “Firefighters have resuscitated 2 cats that were found inside the house that was on fire. Cats on the way to vet. ”

“One of the cats was doing real well,” said Brandon Paxton, Clackamas Fire District 1 spokesman. “They other one was having a little harder time. In any case, they both will be taken to a vet for a thorough examination.”

Firefighters used pet oxygen masks to revive the cats, and Paxton said it was the second time in two months that Clackamas Fire District 1 firefighters have used the specialized equipment to successfully resuscitate a cat.

Paxton said the family took the cats to the Cats Meow Cat Clinic in Oregon City for a followup health check and further care, if necessary.

The Clackamas Fire District 1 crews responded to a kitchen fire at the home that they quickly extinguished, although it is estimated to have done $100,000 worth of damage to the home.

Fire investigators have determined that the fire was indirectly caused by power outages related to a windstorm that swept through the area on Monday. The family was cooking on an electric stove when the power went out.

“But then, they forgot to turn off the stove before they left their house,” Paxton said. “When the power came back on, the burners heated up and the food started burning. Unfortunately, they weren’t home at the time and this will go into the books as accidental.”

A passerby noticed smoke coming from the house shortly after noon. and called 911. Firefighters checked the burning house for people, but only the cats were at home.



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