Firefighters rescue newborn kitten while battling California wildfire

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While battling the Cabin Fire in the Angeles National Forest, near Los Angeles, California, firefighters rescued a kitten that they found underneath a bulldozer. The firefighters say the kitten must have traveled to the scene in the dozer, which is County property and came from a County lot. They say the kitten – a newborn with his eyes still closed – survived two days worth of hardship, including heat, lack of care, travel and noise while in the vehicle’s engine compartment.

The kitten was rescued when firefighters heard its cries. One quick-thinking firefighter cobbled together an emergency feeding kit, using a syringe and coffee creamer, to help ensure the kitten’s survival until it could be passed along to receive further care.

The firefighters say they did not find any trace of mama kitty or other kittens.

Watch the KTLA report on the story:

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