Firefighters rescue kitten from house set for demolition

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Biddeford, Maine firefighters rescued a kitten from the walls of a burned out house scheduled for demolition.

Biddeford Fire and Rescue visited Carl Brooks’ home about a year ago on a call when there was a fire. They returned last night to rescue a little kitten who’d become trapped after falling down into a wall just as Brooks was preparing to have the house demolished.

A cat and her four kittens had moved into the house and one of the babies became trapped and made itself known by meowing in distress.

“The cat fell 16 feet down inside the wall pocket and was trapped and I didn’t know what to do,” said Brooks.

Not wanting the kitten to starve within the walls or be harmed in the demolition, Brooks called the fire department for help.

“Our dispatch center called us and they had an usual problem to see if I could help out with,” said Captain Norman Melancon.

“We took thermal imaging cameras and started scanning inside and outside the building where the noise was coming from. We got an idea where the animal was located,” said firefighter Dale Stout.

The firefighters carefully dismantled part of the outside wall where the kitten had been located and freed the little one, who was scared but unharmed.

When asked by Channel 6 reporter Chris Rose how he felt when he saw the kitten, Carl Brooks said “I was crying like a baby.”

The kitten was checked out at a vet’s and was given a clean bill of health. Now an effort is underway to find homes for all of the kittens.


 Watch the WCSH Channel 6 News report on the story:




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