7 thoughts on “Firefighters Rescue Cats”

  1. I cried through the whole thing, and couldn’t express my appreciation for these brave men and women enough. I couldn’t imagine losing one of my fur children to a tragedy like this and am thankful there are people like this in the world.

  2. I LOVE CATS! This a real tearjerker! Where would we be without these wonderful, brave, compasionate Firefighters?

    Coincidently this led me to discover the very talented Adam Lambert. His song, ‘Broken Open’ is what’s playing in the background.

  3. I cried while watching this…. thank you to all those that put their lives in danger to save ALL of our family members!

  4. Thanks be to God for people like you, who save all lives, especially the helpless little cats. I love all animals, but am especially pulled towards cats. You are truely a God send, my you be blessed and prosper for what you have done and are still doing. Saving all cats and kittens. I pray they find homes with people like you.

    Donna Sims

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