Firefighters Rescue Cat Wedged Between Brick Walls

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The RSPCA and firefighters came to help when a young adult cat named Bruno got himself tightly wedged between the brick walls of two side by side houses in Peterborough, UK one day last month.

A neighbor called the RSPCA on the morning of April 25 upon spotting Bruno after hearing a cat’s distressed cries. Rescuers determined that Bruno entered the space between the two houses at the front, where there was enough space for him to travel with some ease. The space between the houses narrows toward the back, and by the time he was a foot and a half from the exit point, he became completely stuck and unable to move.

RSPCA inspector Justin Stubbs said, “The fire brigade tried lubricating him with washing up liquid and water to try to slide him out, but he was stuck fast in a three inch gap.”

Rescuers removed a few bricks so a vet tech cold administer a sedative to the distressed cat. The firefighters were able to remove Bruno by sliding him out after the sedative took effect.

Mr Stubbs said: “He seemed none the worse for his ordeal but was extremely cold and was taken to the vets to be checked out. We think he was in there for at least a night because we got the call at nearly 9am from a neighbour who could hear faint cries and then spotted the cat wedged in the gap. As it happens the cat lives in one of the houses and the owners have been contacted and told about his exploits.”

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service said:,“In situations like this incident, is it preferable for our specially trained firefighters to have rescued this distressed cat, rather than a member of the public put their own safety at risk.”

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service at Facebook posted a photo of the cat stuck in the narrow space between two brick walls on April 25, the day of the rescue, saying, “This was the scene earlier today in Mayors Walk, West Town, Peterborough, when a black cat became stuck in a tiny gap between two houses.
“Firefighters from Dogsthorpe eventually managed to free the cat using specialist equipment after a vet had sedated it. It was then taken to a nearby vet to be checked over.”


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