Firefighters Rescue Cat from Chimney Vent

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Photos, Sparks, NV Fire Department


Snoopy was stuck in a chimney vent for days after climbing in through the small ash door at the base of the chimney at his Sparks, Nevada home, until local firefighters freed him.

Sparks firefighters rescued Snoopy Thursday evening after getting a call once the cat’s owners realized where their missing cat had become trapped.

“At first [the owners] couldn’t find the cat,” Fire Marshal Bob King said in a news release. “Then they heard the cat meowing the next day and they kind of heard the direction it was coming from and figured the cat was stuck in the chimney. That’s when they called us.”

The rescuers used a crawl space under the home to access the chimney area. They tried several times to coax Snoopy out from the vent pipe but the cat was wedged into the small space. They were finally able to grab him and pull him out to safety and hand him back to his grateful owners.

Snoopy was covered in soot but is said to be in otherwise good condition.

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