Firefighters Rescue and Revive Greensboro NC Cat

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WGHP channel 8 news in Greensboro, NC shared raw footage from the scene of a residential fire whereGreensvoro firefighters rescued and revived a pet cat Thursday night.

Note: If by chance both videos want to play at the same time you may need to pause the second video, found below, while viewing the one at top.

Starbuck was unconscious when firefighters found him in his smoke filled home. Their successful efforts to bring him around were captured on video at the scene.

Greensboro, North Carolina firefighters responding to a fire Thursday night rescued an unconscious cat named Starbuck from the smoke filled condo where he lived with his guardian Mark Bramlett. The firefighters used a pet oxygen mask to revive Starbuck and transported him to After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Greensboro for care.

Mr. Bramlett is grieving for his two other cats, who did not survive, and is grateful to the emergency responders who saved Starbuck.

“It just kills me that he lost his brother and sister,” Mr. Bramlett told Channel 8 news.

“We were all pretty much screaming and crying, because I had no idea all that footage existed of them bringing him out,” said Mr. Bramlett. “He’s my survivor; he’s my little survivor.”

Pet oxygen masks are carried on all of Greensboro’s fire trucks. Greensboro Fire Department Captain John Dixon says that, while saving people is firefighters’ first priority, they will save pets whenever they are able to.

“It’s not something you take to the bank, but it brings a lot of self-satisfaction and makes you feel good about what you’re doing,” said Captain Dixon.

Mr. Bramlett expects that Starbuck will be released from the vet on Saturday. “The only problem is there’s not really a home to take him to now, but as long as he’s with me …”


WGHP channel 8 news posted this followup story today:


A Mark Bramlett Save Starbuck Fund donation page has been created to raise money for Starbuck’s vet expenses.

The fundraiser says:

“Our Dear Friend Mark Bramlett lost two of his fur children in a tragic fire in Greensboro on February 27th, 2014! The Greensboro Fire Department was able to save one – Starbuck! However Starbuck is needing some additional care! While Renters Insurance will help Mark with his belongings. They will not help with Vet Care of Starbucks or after death care of Lex and Harley! Just 12 hours later the vet bills are already adding up. Please join us and help Mark get Starbuck well and back in his loving care!”

Fundraising organizer Jessica Byerly added an update to the page today, saying: “We are so close to our goal! Please share! Starbuck has had some breathing treatments today and may be able to come home tomorrow! Right now the Vet bill is just over $1,000.”


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