Firefighters Rescue and Revive Cat at House Fire

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The rescued cat is given oxygen


Firefighters in Ottawa, Canada rescued a dog and a cat from a house fire on Friday, and revived the cat with a pet oxygen mask at the scene.

Ottawa Fire Service spokesman Marc Messier said neighbors called in the fire at 6:20 am after seeing smoke coming from the windows of the two story home.

Two of the building’s four residents residents were standing outside when firefighters arrived, having been alerted by smoke alarms and the smell of smoke, and told the responders a cat and dog were inside.

Firefighters brought the dog and cat out to safety and used the pet oxygen mask to revive the cat.

“Usually if we get (an animal) that seems to be disoriented or seems to have taken in a lot of smoke, we usually administer oxygen,” Mr. Messier said.

One person went to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation. Both rescued pets are expected to be fine.

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The distressed cat is brought from the burning building


The dog is safely outside




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  1. Thank you for saving the furkids!!! They are for so many of us our children and mean the world to us!

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