Firefighters rescue and revive cat at house fire

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Pennsylvania ambulance Medic Dugan providing oxygen to a cat on the scene


A local videographer was on hand when a Pennsylvania Ambulance medic provided oxygen for a cat the
Scranton, PA Fire Department rescued from a burning home in Scranton Saturday night.

Firefighters brought what Lackawanna County Firewire called “two armfulls’ of animals out of the home “so far” while the operation as still under way last night.

One of the rescuers said Sunday: “The cat was doing fine when I left.”

Brian Krause of Skipper Media captured the moment, as the cat was helped by Pennsylvania Ambulance Medic Ray Dugan at the scene.

Pennsylvania Ambulance medic providing oxygen to a rescued cat from a fire:

4 thoughts on “Firefighters rescue and revive cat at house fire”

  1. how many animals were in there it says they brought “two armfulls’ of animals out of the home “so far”

  2. To hear that precious ‘Meow” was enough to bring me to tears. Thank you all for saving this cat’s life.

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