Firefighters perform delicate rescue of cat trapped in car engine

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A feisty feline was saved from near death thanks to firefighters yesterday, and the MFB (Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board) from Melbourne, Australia told the story:

At 9am on Sunday, November 9 a man knocked on the front door of the fire station, telling surprised firefighters he had a cat stuck in his car engine.

The intrigued firefighters went out to the car and he opened the bonnet to reveal one stressed cat making noises with a look of HELP on its face.

Senior Station Officer Jason Delany said the man had driven from Ascot Vale to Carlton [a Melbourne suburb] and after numerous difficulties engaging second gear he pulled over to inspect his vehicle and could not believe his ears when he heard a cat protesting.

He immediately drove to the fire station, hoping firefighters could assist.

After removing numerous sections of engine componentry the cat was released and into the capable hands of off-duty former vet nurse Leading Firefighter Jane Clifton.

“Firefighter Damian Christy had that proud father look on his face as he had performed his first entrapped rescue,” SSO Delany added.

Update Monday morning: The cat rescued by fireys was taken to a vet clinic and was awaiting collection by its owner this morning.





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