Firefighters and Public Works to the Rescue: Kitten Trapped in Pipe

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This month old kitten was left on the doorstep of the Redding CA fire department, wedged into a narrow, rusty pipe. She was successfully rescued and adopted.

Firefighters come to the rescue again, this time with the help of experienced pipe cutters from the city’s Public Works Building Maintenance Department.

Redding fire department personnel discovered the month old kitten stuck in the pipe last Friday morning and set to work freeing her. When it became apparent that nothing else would work they brought in specialists to cut her out, and that is just what happened. Thankfully, the little girl was unharmed, either from her experience being stuck or from the extrication. As you can seen in the video below, she was very tightly stuck and needed to be pulled free.


The predictably named Piper is unharmed, and was adopted by a local ABC News affiliate producer. We were relieved and heartened to see footage of  Piper scampering and playing on the carpeted staircase of her new home, looking none the worse for wear, at the end of an ABC News report on her rescue. You can click here for that report and to see her “after” footage.

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