Firefighters and Police Go The Extra Mile to Rescue Cats from Apartment Building Fire

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Firefighters rescued several cats from an older apartment building in St. Clair PA on Sunday, including this cat, Frankie, who suffered burns and is in the care of Hillside SPCA.

“Their badges came off and their hearts came out.”

Firefighters are credited with taking extra time and making the extra effort to save several cats from the Sunday evening apartment fire that left 10 people homeless in St. Clair, Pennsylvania. Frankie, renamed for a police officer at the scene who worked to save him, and shown above, is struggling and under close observation at Hillside SPCA, in Pottsville, a shelter which will be familiar to readers of our stories of Iris and Whitney as a very caring no-kill shelter which does everything in its power for the animals in its care. Frankie’s eyes were injured and his whiskers burned.

Hillside dog specialist Cindy Vidal reports that Frankie received medical treatment on Monday, saying the following hours would be crucial in determining his recovery and that his eyes were not looking good.  She credits officers Frank DiMarco, Joseph Leskin, and Chad Seitzinger with going above and beyond the call of duty to save Frankie cat, saying “Their badges came off and their hearts came out”.

What we know about Hillside tells us that Frankie will receive the best of care and every effort will be made for him there.

On the scene, with fire trucks from several stations lining the street. The tan brick building at right is the apartment house that burned.

The St. Clair FD and other firehouses which sent trucks are credited with saving what has been termed “multiple” cats from the apartment building, which cannot have been easy, in our opinion, based on the smoke and fire conditions and some cramped, cluttered spaces within the old building.

Interior view of a kitchen in the aftermath of the fire.

We will follow up on Frankie and hope to make a good report on his progress. The other cats are thought to have made it out of the building in good shape.

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  1. Thank you. I have two nephews that are firefighters in my hometown of Wheeling, WV and I know they would do the same thing. I’m so proud of them. I really hope Frankie can recover.

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