Firefighter rescues kitten with broken leg

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Steven Leithhead holds Smoky after her rescue Monday night

A kitten who broke her leg when she fell down a drain was rescued by a firefighter and is getting care at a vet clinic.

The 10 week old stray, now named Smoky, drew attention to her plight when she was heard meowing by a family of five riding their bikes Monday evening in Packenham, Australia, a suburb of Melbouurne. Smoky was calling out in pain and distress after falling 6-7 feet down a drain and breaking her leg.

The family called the local emergency services for help and Pakenham Fire Brigade firefighter Steven Leithhead rescued the injured kitten.

“We basically tried to use a laser pointer on our thermal imaging camera because cats generally like to chase the dot,” Mr Leithhead said.

“But after 15-20 minutes she still wasn’t moving.

“At that point we didn’t know she had an injured leg so we used extension poles to encourage her to walk towards us and when she was in arms reach I grabbed her.”

Frank Samways Vet Clinic manager Catherine Edwards with 10 week old kitten Smoky. Photo: Eugene Hyland

Smoky was taken to Hallam Animal Emergency Care where it was confirmed that she had broken her right-hind leg. She did not have a microchip, so she was given into the care of the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne, where she is being treated at their in-house Frank Samways Vet Clinic.

Spokesman Kate Hoelter said Smokey is expected to recover from her injuries in 2-4 weeks and she will be made available for adoption when she is healed.

“The vets operated on her today and she will be under veterinary observation for the next week to make sure her medication, including pain relief, is up to date,” Ms Hoelter said.

“She will then go into specialised foster care during her recovery and then will be available for adoption.”




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