Firefighter Rescues Kitten from Highway Overpass

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Richmond, VA firefighter Betty Migliaccio with the kitten she rescued from a 75 foot tall highway overpass pillar.


A rookie Richmond, Virginia firefighter rescued a tiny kitten from a 75 foot tall highway overpass pillar on Monday, and the police officer who took the emergency call is adopting the rescued kitten.

A small kitten was in a dangerous position early Monday evening when Richmond police officer Kelly Morley took a call while out on patrol. The kitten was high up on a pillar on the busy Interstate Route 95 overpass above the city, in danger from a possible drop to the ground and the hazards of highway traffic.

Rookie firefighter Betty Migliaccio was given the task of making the rescue, climbing a 75 foot ladder to reach the kitten.

“’Hey there little 95, I’m right here!’” the firefighter said to the kitten during the rescue. “I was telling him what I was going to do and walking him through it,” Ms. Migliaccio told Channel 6. “I patted him on the head twice and I grabbed him. But he was happy I was up there. He wasn’t trying to get away from me at all . . . I put him in my mask bag so I could have him right here against my chest so I could feel him moving around.”

Officer Morley decided right away to adopt the kitten. “When they made it back down on the ground I was actually able to hold him and see him. I fell in love with him right away,” she said. “I want him to have a good home. I feel like he went through all that being stuck up there and he deserves to go to a good, safe home.”

Ms. Migliaccio said that if Officer Morley had not adopted the kitten, she would have done so herself.

It is not known how the kitten got onto the overpass.

See the story in Richmond’s CBS 6 report:



Richmond, Virginia police officer Kelly Morley and the rescued kitten she is adopting.



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  1. Once again the firefighters come to the aid of the animals. They are just the best!!!! I have the utmost respect for them. They value all life and risk their own all the time. So glad the baby got a great home. Happiness and health to them both.

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