Firefighter rescues and adopts kitten

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Tara Holcomb and Wall-E. Photos via City of Mount Dora.


Mount Dora, Florida firefighter Tara Holcomb rescued a newborn kitten from inside a family’s wall and then adopted her when the family said they couldn’t keep her.

City officials said Mount Dora Firefighters were recently called to a residence for a kitten trapped in the wall of a house. The homeowners had heard the abandoned kitten crying for several hours.

Tara Holcomb was able to pull the baby out through a small hole that the homeowner cut out earlier. The homeowner tried to feed the kitten and waited for the mother to come back to get her kitten before calling the fire department.

The kitten is thought to have been dropped by the mother cat as she carried her kittens through the home’s attic.

The day after the rescue, Tara checked back with the homeowners who stated the kitten was recovering, but that they were unable to keep it.

Tara decided to adopt the kitten, and her new name is Wall-E.



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