Firefighter Rescue Crew Revives Baby Girl the Cat at Scene of House Fire

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Baby Girl cuddles up against her friend Larissa Crownover  after the fire department’s rescue crew revived her from extreme smoke inhalation, using a pet oxygen mask, after her family’s house caught fire yesterday.

Firefighters initially thought Baby Girl had not survived the fire that broke out in the kitchen of her family’s West Kittanning PA home yesterday morning.  Baby Girl was the only one home at the time, so there was no one to get her out and away from danger as the fire began.

Crews from seven stations responded to put out the fire, which severely damaged the residence of Baby Girl’s family, Cory, Jess and Travis King. When firefighters discovered Baby Girl once they got into the house they thought she was deceased, but they picked her up and quickly carried her out and placed her on the ground, where she was found to still be alive and breathing. Kittanning Hose Co. #6 emergency medical personnel then administered oxygen through a pet mask, which brought Baby Girl around to consciousness again. The cat was taken to the vet, where she was treated with oxygen, antibiotics and a steroid shot.

Jess’ girlfriend Larissa is shown here holding Baby Girl after the fire. She is quoted as saying “I was so excited – I’m so happy.” Larissa reportedly went through the gamut of emotions over Baby Girl’s narrow escape, from being distraught and filled with sorrow, then to shock followed by relief and joy as the cat came back to life.

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  1. So glad to see she made it!! 15 years ago I had 10 that did not. The firemen tried to save them but it was too late. This makes my heart sing to know that her family didn’t have to suffer that grief!

  2. I’m so glad that she’s okay. A while ago I checked with my county fire department to make sure we have pet masks and was relieved to find that we do. Hurray for rescuers!

  3. I Love Firemen and Firewomen, when everyone is running out of a burning building, they’re running in saving lives!

  4. Thank you to the wonderful firefighters who cared enough to rescue Baby Girl. They are my heros. I have two nephews who are firefighters in Wheeling, WV, my hometown.

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