Firefighter crews rescue kitten trapped and entangled in car engine

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Two Prince George County, Maryland fire and rescue departments were very pleased with the outcome of a kitten rescue where they worked together on Saturday.

The Chillum-Adelphi Volunteer Fire Department and the Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Dept & Rescue Squad, Inc. rescued a kitten who’d gotten stuck in the engine of a car.

CAVFD shared the story at Facebook, writing: “The Bomberos performed a not-so-routine extrication with the help of Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Dept & Rescue Squad, Inc.”

The kitten rode in the car’s engine compartment, trapped behind the radiator fan, tangled in the AC tubing, as the Honda’s owner drove around Saturday morning, and is thought to have possibly been inside the car for about 24 hours.

CAVFD told the Washington Post a man walked into the fire station at around 10 am Saturday saying he had seen something dangling from the front of his car. That something turned out to be the trapped kitten, who firefighters say was not seriously injured and came out of the ordeal with only a few scrapes and a small burn on her rear end.

The rescuers gave kitty oxygen during the operation, which took about an hour before she was safely removed from the car.

CAVFD Deputy fire chief John Guyton told the Washington Post: ““It was a very young mix breed, gray and white. She was very cranky when we finally got her out.”

Kitty was taken to the Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital afterward.

Berwin Heights shared a pic from the rescue at Twitter.


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