Fire and Rescue Crew Saves Kitten Trapped in Wall

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Curiosity got a kitten into a jam earlier this week, but she was saved by the Animal Rescue Specialist from a Fire and Rescue Crew.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service were called when Leila disappeared and was later discovered to be trapped within the walls of her home in Southampton, UK.

Leila the kitten went missing from her home earlier this week, setting off a search by her concerned family. She had slipped into a small opening at the bathroom pipes and became trapped in the wall. After a 15 foot fall, she ended up trapped behind brickwork in the home’s garage.

Once her location was pinpointed and a hole cut, Animal Rescue Specialist Buster Brown reassured and coaxed the kitten, and she came crawling out to him.
What could have been a tragedy, turned into a happy reunion, thanks to Watch Manager Brown and the crew.


Hampshire Fire and rescue service issued this news release on the rescue:

Trapped kitten released by Hampshire Fire and Rescue
Kitten trapped in cavity wall…
27 Jun 2012

At 0740 hours on Tuesday 26 06 12, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Animal Rescue Specialist Buster Brown was called to an address in Southampton where a six- week old kitten called Leila, had become trapped in a cavity wall.

She had apparently gone missing after playing upstairs in the house on Monday. The worried owner had searched for her late in to the night but it was only Tuesday morning that she heard it calling and thought it was somewhere in the bathroom.

On arrival Watch Manager Brown investigated and discovered that the kitten had managed to get behind the toilet, squeezed through a gap between the wall and the soil pipe and then fallen down to the ground floor, where it became trapped inside the cavity.

Watch Manager Brown said:

“When I arrived I could just about hear it calling. I had to cut into the bathroom plaster board wall and using a mirror and a torch I was able to locate the kitten at the bottom of the cavity, stuck between the soil pipe and the water supply pipes. I decided to make an entry into the cavity from the adjacent garage wall.”

After some careful measuring Buster was able to start drilling to loosen the mortar and using a hammer and chisel and was able to remove a couple of bricks from the outer wall. Buster said:

“As I cut into the second layer of the wall and removed the first brick a little face appeared covered in dust and cobwebs. After a little more persuasion the tiny kitten was able to climb through the small hole into my hands where I was able to hand it to a very relieved owner.”

The kitten was given a quick check over by Buster before being given some water and food which it eagerly consumed.




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