Figaro and Lennon: Love at First Sight

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Figaro and Lennon


It was love at first sight for a little rescued kitten and his new family’s big dog.

Figaro the kitten was found on the street and was in bad shape. After having blood work done and getting medicine he was ready to meet Lennon, his new family’s dog.

Figaro approached his big new friend with no signs of fear, and immediately began to show and seek love.  Lennon, in return, was completely receptive to his new little friend.

The animals’ petparent writes:  “Figgy was extremely young and I do believe he was trying to nurse with Lennon. For a dog to be this patient with a cat, I have never witnessed anything like it. I wanted to share it with all of you.

The pair remained great friends as the kitten grew to adulthood. Their petparent says: “Figgy loves to sneak up on Lennon and play tag with him.”

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